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Drop Magazine

Membership Card

Drop Magazine are pioneering how publications are built on the blockchain, delivering high-quality thoughtful coverage that is easily accessible and consumable across the Metaverse

We want our membership cards in the hands of real people, we want to focus on content and projects as decided by our members. Most of all, we want to build something special for holders


Free Mints

We Drop Every Week. Members Get A Free Mint Of Every Issue Cover

VIP Access

Exclusive Content, Early Access, Offline Reading And More


50% Of Sales Will Go To A Community Vault That Our Members Will Control For Partnerships, Scaling The Team And More


We Make A Lot Of Friends Covering Cool Projects. We Aim To Give Our Holders WhiteLists And GiveAways From Across The Metaverse


How does the membership card work?

Cards will be mintable for 0.1 Ξ and will only be available to those in our Readers Club (Whitelist). Each pass provides 52 free mints (one year worth) of our Drop Magazines. The passes can be renewed for 0.1 Ξ and 50% of the proceeds will go to the community vault, ensuring on-going value for holders.

How do I join the Readers Club?

Holders of our existing Genesis and Cover collections will automatically be added to the Readers Club. 100 spots will be available for each of the projects featured on our first 10 issues (1000 total). The rest will be via Discord, Twitter etc.

Do I need a membership pass to mint magazine covers?

No, you will be able to mint magazines for 0.01 Ξ if you don't have a pass. Pass = free mint.

Can I Whale?

No. Owning more than one card does not provide any benefits. We want a strong and fair ownership distribution.

How will the DAO work?

50% of all mint, royalty and renew sales will be allocated to the community vault to be used as voted on by DAO members. The remaining 50% will be allocated to the team. Governance Rules will be set out on Discord prior to release.


The membership card and mintable magazines will be ERC-721. The published contracts will be linked and available on our website before launch. They're gas efficient too!